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2021 P2P Tech Forecast: The Hackett Group Assessment


2020 threw us all a curved ball. Who better to determine how events will impact our P2P future than The Hackett Group. Listen to this exciting webinar to help you close out 2020 and look positively and proactively to the future. Bryan DeGraw of The Hackett Group, and Don Dittmar from Hyland Software will be revealing:

  • The results from The Hackett Group’s “Crisis Quick Polls” taken in May and August focussing on the effects of Covid-19 on GBS, including some surprising technology adoption results
  • Key P2P KPIs illustrated by Top Performers from The Hackett Group’s most recent study such as Invoices per FTE, Payment on Time, DPO, Cost per Invoice, and transaction automation
  • Best practices deployed by Top Performers during Covid19 P2P
  • How 2020 is shaping P2P technology plans for 2021

Download the presentation below: