3 Actions Shared Services Take to Drive Healthier Margins


Shared Services play a pivotal role in companies' data programs, presenting a unique and transformative opportunity. Despite the widespread desire for Shared Services to 'add value,' many struggle to identify and deliver tangible margin opportunities. 

Our webinar is designed to be a breakthrough for Shared Services stuck in basic transaction processing. Join us as we guide you towards a new perspective on the value of Shared Services, where teams not only process transactions but also deliver critical spend, payment & contract insights that have an immediate impact. 

We explore:  

  • Case studies that reveal how CFOs are making Shared Services a “Value Add” 
  • Uncover Spend & Payment opportunities that can deliver meaningful working capital opportunities 
  • Key opportunities to strengthen and optimize supplier relationships  
  •  3 immediate actions you can take now to transform Shared Services into a partner, unlocking value and expanding your impact across the organization  


We focus on how Shared Services can become THE Centre of Excellence for Pricing, Promotions, and Data Analytics, providing your business with the required corporate agility to navigate economic uncertainty and volatility. 

View the presentation below:


 Douwe Alserda

Douwe Alserda

Global Director Source to Pay and Commodity Management Services, ADM
Susie West

Susie West

Founder and CEO, sharedserviceslink
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