4 Ways Hyatt Revolutionized R2R 


As demands on R2R teams increase, finance professionals face a choice: work harder or work smarter. It’s time to join the world of modern accounting.

Like many finance professionals, Travis Curl, GL Manager at Hyatt, and his team were feeling that pressure. They struggled with labor-intensive audits and stressful month-end closes. Decentralized processes caused poor visibility, and there was no real-time data.

On June 15th, Travis will join me to share how they transformed their financial close process in the 4 Ways Hyatt Revolutionized R2R Webinar.

Download to hear:

  • A deep dive into what the world of modern accounting looks like and key benchmarking figures 
  • How a cloud-based solution has given Hyatt real-time visibility
  • How Hyatt achieved high levels of auto-certification 
  • The amazing results Hyatt has achieved, including number of hours saved, and how they are spending their new-found time



Travis Curl

Travis Curl

GL Manager
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