5 Bear Traps to Avoid in Process Mining


Process Mining, or technically “mining for data about process execution” is a hot topic for Finance leaders, Global Business Services executives and CIOs today.

Process Mining can provide effective support to Process Excellence, Transformation & Business Change initiatives by exposing an understanding of the business reality – the real “journeys” beneath the end-to-end process.

Process Mining provides visibility on process variants that impact efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience. A strong understanding of the AS-IS process is an essential tool to develop an effective TO-BE process and to manage the transition.

BUT, there are significant challenges, and “forewarned is forearmed

This is not a magic bullet, and there are “horses for courses“. You need a plan to deliver at speed.

Listen to Dan French and Hans van Nes of Consider Solutions as they “peel the layers of the onion” on this topic, and walk you through the 5 Bear Traps in Process Mining, and share strategies for accelerating time to value in process excellence.

Download or watch the presentation below:


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