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AI: Cash Flow Management Through a Single Pane of Glass


The cash conversion cycle has long been associated with physical, paper files. Paper processes equal high costs, slow processing times, low visibility and variety of bottlenecks that hinder productivity and profitability. Global companies experiencing rapid growth need to take advantage of every opportunity to improve efficiency and maximize cash flow across payables and receivables.

Listen to or download the presentation to discover how to leverage AI-driven automation to deliver end-to-end efficiency throughout the cash conversion cycle. 

Learn how to:

  • Accelerate your cash conversion cycle
  • Improve relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Realize the potential from automating core business processes
  • Identify business processes that are suffering from time-consuming manual tasks, understand the effects on the business and discover solutions that can help
  • Increase productivity, while improving employee experience
  • Review the benefits of different types of automation in P2P and O2C processes

Download or watch the presentation below:

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