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Benchmarking AR to Achieve Best-In-Class Status. Lessons from EmployBridge


Order-to-cash and Accounts Receivable GPOs today are moving away from a simple cost-optimization approach when managing their shared service centers. To drive higher value, more and more Accounts Receivable leaders are focused on delivering better customer service, with minimal touchpoints and seamless internal collaboration. Shared service order-to-cash leaders are benchmarking their operations against their industry peers to note how top-performing counterparts are managing disparate systems and customer relationships differently from themselves.

In this session, Jason Herrington, Sr. Director of Collections at EmployBridge will share his vision of top-performing AR shared service centers and the value they should be delivering to your organization and your customers in 2021. As he talks about the role of technology in achieving that ideal state, he would be joined by Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Management and Marketing at HighRadius who will share more examples and use cases of technology enabling world-class AR experiences across enterprise organizations.

Key Takeaways:

1. Best-In-Class A/R For 2021: Focused on delivering higher customer satisfaction across geographies despite disparate systems

2. Benchmarking framework to ensure better output delivery from A/R Shared Service Centers

3. How to plan the standardization and transformation of their A/R shared services


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