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Building a Roadmap for Tax Transformation


The changes in indirect tax are happening at an unprecedented pace. New mandates and regulations are being announced every month and if you want to stay compliant, your technology has to be able to keep up.  

If you are struggling with all the changes and getting the rest of the business to pay attention, you aren't alone. 

Leading companies are putting indirect tax front and centre in their company’s finance transformation agenda. But not all tax professionals have a 'seat at the table' yet. 

I’ll be welcoming a panel of experts to discuss:

  • Top tips and talking points to get your organisation to prioritise tax transformation
  • Whether your ERP is able to handle the increasing complexities in indirect tax
  • How you can create a global framework to standardise processes in an ever-changing landscape
  • How tax teams can ensure they are getting the right data when they need it
  • The evolving relationship between IT and tax departments

Download the presentation or watch the webinar below:

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