Credit Management: Key Goals, Performance and Best Practices


Credit management is a business-critical process. Having a trusted credit management framework in place, means customers will pay their invoices, and pay them to your terms. Late payment, or non-payment undermines a company's financial position, ushering in economic instability and missed investment opportunities. With Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings jumping 68% H1 2023 (compared with H1 2022)* it is vital that a company runs a tight, highly efficient credit management operation.

Watch the webinar where Bryan DeGraw, Associate Principal, Customer-to-Cash, Global Practice Leader, at The Hackett Group will walk you through:

  • Credit/risk management as a key driver of receivables health and working capital performance
  • Cornerstones of effective and efficient credit management
  • Effective credit scoring and modelling methodologies
  • Key credit management process metrics

If you are keen to see how you can shorten your Average Days Delinquent by 8.4 days, and improve other business-impacting credit management KPIs, watch this webinar now.


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