Elevating Your Intercompany GovernanceElevating Your Intercompany Governance

Elevating Your Intercompany Governance


Intercompany accounting teams are trying to handle a level of complexity that would not have been unimaginable twenty years ago.

Intercompany "spaghetti" is a result of:

  • Rising M&A activity
  • More complex global business growth
  • Online sales
  • Complex cross-border transactions
  • Rapid rise in tax regulations
  • Underinvestment in technology
  • Dependency on your ERP to fix all issues 

On April 18th, join me for the Elevating Your Intercompany Governance Virtual ROUNDTABLE.

During this interactive cameras-on 75-min. session, we'll discuss:

  • How to prevent intercompany costs showing up in the wrong places
  • What to do with overdue and unsettled intercompany balances
  • Alleviating the pressure of continuous statutory and tax audits

AND we'll answer the age-old question; "Who owns the Intercompany mess?!”

Join other Intercompany Leaders for a lively exchange, sharing challenges and solutions.

Request a place now by emailing sally@sharedserviceslink.com

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