From Whirlpool: 10 Steps to Digitally Transform AR Shared Service Centers


Finance and AR departments leveraging technology underwent significantly lower disruption amidst the COVID crisis, when compared to those who were not. At Whirlpool too- the digital evolution of order-to-cash has been as recent as last year, but technology was instrumental in helping the finance teams activate their crisis response mode proactively, and deliver results with high productivity despite working in a remote working environment.


Download of view this presentation as Hyusein Arabadzhiev, Bill-to-cash and Procure-to-Pay Process Owner at Whirlpool talks about their experience of implementing and using technology for order-to-cash, where they were before automation, and where they see themselves a few years down the line. In collaboration with HighRadius, he will walk you through their step-by-step plan to implement technology, highlighting what specifically worked for them and what automation capabilities they are looking to explore in the future.


Key Takeaways:

  1. How technology creates winning workplaces, provides competitive advantage and improves team productivity in order-to-cash
  2. Blueprint your A/R automation with insights from Whirlpool: original plans, execution challenges and final approach taken
  3. Expert-led demonstration of AI powered A/R automation suite, to help you envision your future tech stack for the finance department


View the presentation:

Download the presentation:

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