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How e-Billing Has Taken Flight at Air France


This webinar ran on November 7th 2018.

Air France KLM manages a huge and complex operation. This €26 billion company handles transactions with over 3500 corporate customers in over 120 countries.

In 2014, the Accounts Receivable team needed to find a solution that would automate their 650,000 invoices per annum. This looks at how Air France KLM:

  • Onboarded customers with an ‘opt-out’ approach, to secure the highest conversion rate
  • Built in verifications and alerts to ensure mandatory data is included in all invoices
  • Has a guaranteed delivery of invoices, providing visibility of Date of Receipt
  • Integrated the solution into their SAP environment
  • Has harnessed e-billing to help streamline their complex and decentralised Accounts Receivable organisation


Presentation Slides: