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How On Earth: Upskilling for Future Finance


The technology we use (or want to use) in shared services is advancing. This is great, and presents us with exciting opportunities.

But there’s a problem: our existing capabilities.

As leaders, we are trying “to get our heads around” advanced technologies (AI, machine learning, RPA) and how they can truly solve some deep-seated issues within our business and, thus, project our SSOs into a whole new league.

And then there are the team members who a) might not have the skills required, b) might not be open to learning new skills, c) might feel threatened by “new” technology and actively resist adoption.

All this can lead to a standstill. And it has nothing to do with access to budgets or lacking a vision. This is 100% a “people problem.”

We invite you to a webinar on November 30th, where we discuss and look to answer: How On Earth: Upskilling for Future Finance WEBINAR. 

We will go into the Hows behind:

  • Scoring your capabilities – what the true gap is between current skills and required skills
  • How you will fill the capability gap with a) training and b) recruiting – practical steps
  • Ending resistance: making sure your team’s mindset is “game on”
  • The cost of avoiding “gap filling” – how much “doing nothing” will cost your business

If you are keen to upskill your team and recruit the “right” additions to your team in order to support your digitally-enabled shared services vision, register today and attend on the 30th.

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