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How to Reduce Invoice Costs by 75% And Further P2P Service Excellence


Like many large shared services organisations, Capita runs off SAP and processes 400,000 purchase invoices per annum. However, a lack of controls and visibility of the purchase to pay process compelled them to sign up to an outsourced solution. They had a number of requirements, but key to them was to ensure the solution offered:

  • Compatibility with SAP
  • Support of Capita's offshoring activities
  • The ability to aid payment on time targets
  • The ability for non-SAP users to log into the process and approve invoices (saving £1 million in SAP licence fees)
  • Outsourcing of the scanning, data extraction and matching

As a result they have chopped a staggering 75% off their cost per invoice and allowed the shared services to focus on improving the service delivery.