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Next Stop, 15%: Global Minimum Taxes and the Intercompany Impact


Global minimum tax (GMT) is making headlines for multinational organizations. Recently, several major tax reforms were passed that impact these businesses, including BEAT (Base Erosion Tax), The Inflation Reduction Act (a new 15% corporate alternative minimum tax) and Pillar 2 of the GLoBE rules (Global Anti-Base Erosion – a global 15% minimum tax). These regulations have put a spotlight on multinationals to refine global processes and increase granularity, transparency, and efficiency. This “call for clarity” has led to changes in policies and processes, such as transfer pricing, where audit defense is top of mind and intercompany plays an integral role. Companies striving to reduce risk, lower the financial impact of non-compliance, and improve productivity, need to redefine their intercompany operations. But how?

Download or watch the presentation to learn:  

  • Recent updates to BEAT, IRA, and GLoBE
  • Key developments that led to these regulations and the impact to multinational accounting processes, including intercompany
  • How sound Intercompany processes can provide transparency, granularity, and reduce risk to help your organizations bottom line

Watch the recording:

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