Pressure on CFOs as Government Scrutiny Rises


Most CFOs strive to improve business process. So it’s not the best news when finance teams hear of yet another country looking to regulate how that process might work. For Enterprise companies, it can feel like a wrench has landed in an already complicated road map. Governments have their drivers to seek out more data on businesses, and find every which way to close sales tax gaps. Covid has only exacerbated that. But their scrutiny potentially leads to an encumbered delivery on automation programmes.

This exciting webinar will reveal how you can ‘have it all’: you can school up on country VAT compliance needs, fulfil them, and meet your invoice automation business goals.

Listen to or watch the webinar to understand:

  • What’s driving heightened scrutiny of your invoice process today and how it cannot be ignored
  • How convergence of different tax systems and different types of tax reporting have the power to really complicate your e-invoicing plans
  • What massive changes are afoot in countries like France, Italy, Poland and China in the next 18 months
  • How Covid has tightened the spring and is making invoice compliance onerous
  • How meeting tougher VAT compliance requirements, and implementing an efficient e-invoicing tool can be achieved through a single partner

Download or watch the webinar below:


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