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Shared Services Reimagined: Mastering Complexity


Originally designed to handle high-volume transactional tasks, shared services have grown and evolved to take on more complex and analytical work. With advanced technologies automating many roles, how can shared services continue to provide long-term value?

Join us in this webinar with Basware where we'll dive into the essential adaptations shared services must make to remain relevant and valuable in the coming years. We discuss:

  • The necessary data and technology foundation to ensure agility, competitiveness, and compliance.
  • The evolving definition of long-term value for shared services and the reasons behind the trend of reshoring.
  • Proactive cash management and risk mitigation strategies adopted by leading shared services.
  • Effective methods to manage complex, global workflows.

Central to all these transformations is the need for clear and accurate data visibility. By the end of this session, you'll gain insights into how top shared services are carving their path in the digital age, and take away inspiration to steer your organization's future.

About our speakers:

Tom Olavi Bangemann, Managing Director, ABSL DACH is an independent advisor, board member, mentor, coach, and SME on GBS topics since 30 years 

Tom Santacroce, Principal - Value Advisory Practice, Basware has over 15 years of experience providing consulting services to Fortune 1000 Companies with a strong focus on accounts payables automation, working capital management and revenue recovery solutions. In his current role at Basware, Thomas helps his clients better understand the business outcomes and benefits that can be achieved from Accounts Payables automation. 

Sarah Fane is the Head of Content at sharedserviceslink. She has been conducting original research and producing reports and articles for finance, tax, and shared services professionals for over 10 years.


Tom Olavi Bangemann

Tom Olavi Bangemann

Managing Director, ABSL DACH
Tom Santacroce

Tom Santacroce

Principal Value Advisor, Basware
Sarah Fane

Sarah Fane

Head of Content, sharedserviceslink
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