The Hackett Group Discusses Mastering AI to Audit 100% of Spend


If you were to review 100% of spend transactions manually before payment, the process could take weeks. So many companies quickly settle spend TXNs without the necessary checks, in order to ensure payment is made on time. And manual audits routinely happen after payment, but, by then, challenges are very difficult and clawbacks next to impossible.

Register for this webinar to find out how companies are using AI technology to audit all finance transactions before payment is made. By auditing 100% of spend pre-payment, a whole new world can be opened up, ensuring manual errors are removed, and duplicate payments, incorrect pricing and fraudulent invoices are discovered before any money has left the business.

Join us on 17th June for this insightful, KPI-rich webinar: The Hackett Group Discusses Mastering AI to Audit 100% of Spend, hosted by sharedserviceslink, The Hackett Group and AppZen.

Register to:

  • Find out how The Hackett Group’s Top Performers are transforming their AP departments by adopting new technologies to streamline their processes, save money and drive value back into the business 
  • Learn how AI-powered technology can help you manage your spend auditing, resulting in huge savings and, for many enterprise companies, significant ongoing cost reductions
  • Get Best Practice Tips from The Hackett Group for developing a World-Class AP department 
  • Find out if you are a ‘Top Performer’ by bringing your stats and taking part in the interactive polls

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Susie West

Susie West

Founder & CEO
Bryan DeGraw

Bryan DeGraw

Associate Principal, Finance Advisory Service
Andy Foster

Andy Foster

VP of Consulting Services
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