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The Hackett Group Reveals Secrets to Top Performing O2C KPIs


Your O2C process has never been so important.

In a struggling economy, cash flow and cash flow forecasting are priorities 1 and 2.

The pressure on modern day O2C operations has arguably never been this intense.

Listen to this illuminating and instructive webinar, where Bryan DeGraw from The Hackett Group will be sharing vital information on O2C optimization, including:

• What the Top 10 characteristics of a World Class O2C department are

• What essential KPI differentiators do World Class C2C organizations monitor such as:

        - % of Transactions Automated

        - Average Time it Takes to Bill

        - Average Days Delinquent 

        - Average Processing Cost

• Real-life examples from large multinational companies

• Game-changing technology you need to be thinking about today


Download the presentation:

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