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The Role of e-invoicing in the Age of the Bot


This webinar ran on January 16th 2019.

Do you have to ‘choose’ your one weapon?

With the advent of Bots, many of us are wondering if we still need e-invoicing platforms.

When comparing uptake, the rate of RPA adoption (PoCs or implementation) is set to be between 55% to 58% by end of 2018*. This figure dwarfs e-invoicing adoption rates.

Does this mean the role of the e-invoicing platform may diminish over time, and that e-invoicing capabilities can be completed by robots?

Or does it mean the winning combination might be a mixture of both, or keeping robots well away from the electronic invoice all together?

And does the fast pace of RPA adoption justify our seeing e-invoicing as “second best”?

This webinar with Tradeshift and sharedserviceslink reveals the findings from a recent study, and answers the following questions:

  1. Should you still invest in e-invoicing?
  2. Can you get the same results (or better) using robots instead of e-invoicing tools?
  3. Will the role of e-invoicing platforms diminish in the future?
  4. Are robots and e-invoicing competitive or complementary?
  5. What are the invoicing and AP gaps that robots fill?

* sharedserviceslink 2018 studies.