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The VAT Compliance Crisis


Covid-19 has led to unprecedented levels of public spending. To make up the shortfall in their balance sheets, governments have, really, two options: increase VAT rates or improve VAT collection. 

Wanting to avoid unpopular VAT rate increases, governments are turning to technology to help them reconcile the disparities between what is owed and what is collected. 

The VAT Gap in Europe alone is estimated to be €165 billion. To close these gaps, Gartner estimates that by 2030, 60% of countries worldwide will have implemented Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC). And the consequences for non-compliance are huge.

Listen to the panel of highly experienced experts for a lively debate, and you will walk away with:

  • Our experts' opinions on staying compliant and how technology can help you
  • Real-life examples from your peers on the challenges they are facing with the rise of real-time reporting, and how they are combating them
  • Strategies for getting procurement, IT and the rest of finance on board

Download or watch the webinar below:

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