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5 Top Tips to Unlock Value with E-Enabled Technology

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A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company entitled ‘Europe’s e-government opportunity’ has highlighted some interesting facts about ‘e-technology’. According to the study, governments are failing to capitalize on the vast potential benefits that can be gained through e-technology investment. Worldwide it is estimated that $1 trillion dollars could be unlocked annually as a result of a smarter use of technology applications.

The report provides strong advice on how governments can take advantage of e-enabled technology to save millions, and there are a few lessons that we can relate to help shared services on their e-technology journey.

 Here are some tips from the report:

  1. Create a comprehensive digital strategy. Your technology initiative must encompass all relevant stake holders. Adopting a centralized e-technology strategy between all business units to collaborate on priorities will encourage greater visibility for all parties involved, facilitating seamless integration.

  2. Choose technology with the user in mind. Chose a solution which best suits the needs and requirements of your customer. Rather than choosing the most cost effective implementation, usability is key factor likely to determine the success of a technology implementation and how readily new technology initiatives are adopted by your customers and suppliers.

  3. The importance of KPIs. KPIs should not be underestimated in evaluating performance of technology initiatives the report encourages KPIs to evolve, having some kind of initial KPIs for implementation and then revisiting KPIs after three to five months after seeing how users are adopting your technology.

  4. Marketing is important in order to convince ‘non believers’ or customers who are reluctant to process change. A strong marketing campaign must be employed in conjunction with technology roll outs to improve adoption rates of e-technology.

  5. Evaluate Customer Feedback. In order to improve the service you offer you must take advantage of feedback and respond to customer demand, ask your customers or your suppliers how they are using your technology, where they find it frustrating, and where you can improve. 

If the above steps are followed it should be possible to drive success in digital advancements and cost saving efficiencies. There is huge potential to be gained through adoption of e-technology programs.

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