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5 Ways Business Process Apps Can Save Time And Money

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

There’s little doubt that enterprise accounting systems help finance departments track budgets and costs. But at the same time they can be unwieldy, and are rarely made to allow for exceptions.

Arming yourself with the right business process apps – designed to incorporate your line-of-business data into customised forms, workflows and reports – can give you a more complete picture of financial operations more quickly, and the competitive edge. 

Download this report from K2 and learn about five ways business process apps can help you maintain control of your finance more easily. You’ll find the information in Chapter 2. 

Using real-life case studies from e.g. restaurant chain Nando’s, the report showcases how the apps allow you to:

  1. Build better budgets
  2. Manage expense claims
  3. Facilitate audits
  4. Ensure SOX compliance
  5. Process invoices 

As well as Chapter 2, the report contains additional chapters about how to optimise processes in key areas for core finance – we think you’ll find it useful!

Download the “Business Process Apps for Finance and Purchasing for Dummies” from K2

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