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Allianz Cuts Expenses Processing Time By 90% With New Processes

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

When insurer Allianz Partners sought efficiencies in its internal operations, the light was shone on its expenses processes.

The problem
Using a manual, paper-based system, AP and finance staff spent too much of their time on manual data entry and checking claims against corporate spending policy.

The goal
Allianz saw this as an opportunity to cut processing times, increase mobility and cut risk.

The solution
Allianz opted for Chrome River’s automated EXPENSE solution to support its efficiency and compliance goals and improve submission and reimbursement for travellers and approvers.

The pay-off
The Allianz finance team has decreased expense report processing time by 90%, and now offers a fully mobile solution for its traveling workforce and approvers.

Business rules are built into the system so compliance issues are easily identified, and largely eliminated, before an expense is even submitted.

To see how your organization could do the same, download the Allianz case study from Chrome River

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