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How SAP Transformed and Simplified their Processes

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink
Mar 27, 2020

For large enterprise companies, digital transformation can be difficult due to the sheer size and complexity of their set-up. Simplifying your processes and using data to gain a true understanding of your operations is key for effective digital transformation.

SAP embarked on a digital and operational transformation across the whole business, using Signavio’s Collaboration Hub, with one aim in mind: to improve both the customer and employee experience. 

Watch the video or read the case study and find out from Mark Saul, Head of Process Management at SAP:

  • How an increased focus on customer experience has provided new data insights which are helping drive the simplifications
  • How they created a learning platform providing visibility on processes through the end-to-end journey
  • How, by process mapping, they are able to show transparency to their employees in not only processes but in their data and their operating model, too
  • How SAP connected the process journey with the customer journey, and how this has made it easier for customers to do business with SAP

Click here to watch the video or download the success story now!

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