Process Mining Business Process Management How Process Mining is Changing the Role of the CFO

For CFOs, it is important to be at the helm of digital transformation, but in this uncertain economic environment, workloads are vast and complex. Maintaining an overview of everything that is happening within the finance function is time-consuming. That’s where process mining comes in.


Business Process Management Transformation Putting the P in RPA

Choose the RIGHT processes for automating by following the golden rules and avoid the pitfalls of automating processes that should never have been automated.


Transformation Business Process Management How SAP Transformed and Simplified their Processes

Find out how SAP embarked on a digital and operational transformation across the whole business, with one aim in mind: to improve both the customer and employee experience. 


Business Process Management Process Excellence/Compliance How Process Visualization Saved Veritas Time and Money 

Find out how Signavio's technology drastically improved process management at Veritas, including a 90% reduction in process manuals using Business Process Modeling.

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