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E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting: Core Business Requirements You Can't Ignore

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Sarah Fane
Jul 19, 2023
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Over the last two decades, Latin American countries have experienced remarkable benefits from mandated e-invoicing. From simplified processes to reduced administrative burdens and more accurate sales tax collection, the advantages are undeniable. This powerful trend has now spread worldwide, with more countries embracing e-invoicing as a crucial tool for continuous transaction control.

By implementing e-invoicing and live reporting of invoice data and tax information, tax authorities are clamping down on fraud and significantly boosting VAT revenue without resorting to tax hikes.

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·      2024: How to Brace for Impact with Regulatory Changes

·      Navigating the Complexity: Challenges in Real-Time Reporting

·      The limitations of ERPs when it come to indirect tax

·      Beyond Compliance: The Wider Organizational Impact

·      How to choose Your Path: Tactical or Strategic Compliance

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