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The Supply Chain

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Susie West
CEO, sharedserviceslink

The European economy is going through a period of unprecedented change and the only certainty looking into the future is more rapid change and an increasingly competitive market. As companies look to introduce supply chain efficiencies by way of business process automation it is vital that there is no interruption in the flow of goods/services and cash flow management.

A significant tool to assist a business to compete is the automation of key business processes. The business drivers are clear and constant:

- Reduce costs
- Increase operational efficiency
- Reduce manual tasks and processes
- Eliminate errors
- Increase accuracy

Six fundamental key project success factors are evident time and time again. When these key success factors are properly addressed the probability of the supply chain project delivering real benefit to the business dramatically increase. These six factors are based on knowledge from implementing over 250 supply chain projects and the successful companies realise measurable process efficiencies and a quick return on investment.

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