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Confessions of an Intercompany Process Owner (How to Tame Intercompany Chaos)


Whether we like it or not, intercompany accounting is part of our lives. Yet for many of us our processes are just not working. From delayed closes to bottlenecks in reporting, intercompany is causing chaos. 

Add to that, multiple ERPs, changing tax requirements and an increase in M&A activity, and it becomes clear: it's time for a change.

I’ll be joined by Jim Tilk and Bhuvvi Howard from BlackLine for a lively discussion about intercompany IN REAL LIFE!

Download the presentation to learn:

  • How intercompany impacts different processes across the office of the CFO
  • What Intercompany Financial Management is and how it can transform your experience
  • The value you and your organization will realize from this approach

If intercompany is a part of your life then this is one session you’ll definitely want to download or view!


Jim Tilk

Jim Tilk

Intercompany Financial Management Director, BlackLine
Bhuvvi Howard

Bhuvvi Howard

Intercompany Product Management, BlackLine
Susie West

Susie West

Founder & CEO, sharedserviceslink
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