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Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Invoice Automation and Compliance


There are several factors driving digital initiatives faster than ever in finance: The need to work remotely, the pressure on finance teams to provide analytics, and the move toward real-time reporting.

For large, complex enterprises – automating and ensuring compliance in all the countries in which they operate can be a real challenge.

In this webinar we explore how Hewlett Packard Enterprise automated their invoicing process and ensured compliance with local regulations worldwide.

We explore:

  • How HPE found and implemented an invoicing solution that met their complex, global requirements
  • How HPE fulfilled invoicing-related tax and legal requirements in 29 countries (including EMEA and India)
  • What to look for when automating to help meet the fast-changing country-specific e-invoicing requirements
  • Trends in invoicing and e-invoicing compliance and how AP, AR and Tax teams need to prepare.

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