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Council Reduces OPEX Costs By £10,000 With Business Process Apps

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

When Waverley Borough Council in Surrey replaced its ageing document management system for another it ran into unexpected problems.

Microsoft SharePoint, the new platform, couldn’t replicate all the of the functionality of its predecessor Lotus Notes, and hiring a specialist SharePoint developer to plug the gaps and build the bespoke workflows the council needed proved prohibitively expensive.

Instead a solution was found using K2 blackpearl to replicate and enhance a number of the council’s workflows. 

The administration of Careline – the council’s emergency personal alarm service for elderly and vulnerable people who live alone – in particular, has benefitted. 

Council employees now use K2 to add new users, arrange visits, book equipment deliveries and update users’ details. All the information entered into the workflow is automatically sent to the Careline HQ in Chichester where it’s instantly visible to operators handling emergency calls.

The council has been able to make significant savings too. Based on an average developer daily fee of £800 and a four-week project timescale, “without K2 it would have cost the council £16,000 to hire a developer to create the Careline workflow alone,” John Riley, IT Analyst at Waverly Borough Council said.

The money the council has been able to save didn’t end with Careline. Riley estimates that the council’s OPEX costs have been reduced by close to a further £10,000. 

How did Waverly Borough Council do this? What other cost-saving improvements were they able to implement? 

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