How Process Mining is Changing the Role of the CFO

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink
Apr 24, 2020

Finance departments are no longer expected to simply cost-manage in a somewhat siloed environment, but rather to be an integral cog, driving value back into the business.

Much of this value creation is being achieved through digital transformation and the introduction of disruptive technology. For CFOs, it is important to be at the helm of this transformation. But in this uncertain economic environment, workloads are vast and complex. Maintaining an overview of everything that is happening within the finance function is time-consuming. That’s where process mining comes in.

Download this White Paper and learn:

  • How you can analyze metrics and look at information on both macro and micro levels using process mining to help make difficult business decisions
  • How process mining can provide you with the information required to optimize finance processes and drive efficiencies within the function
  • How process mining can provide the fundamentals on which to implement automation technology and identify issues with legacy systems

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