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They're Great! How Kellogg are Rolling Out Their Global Business Services Operation

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Editor Coda
Mar 5, 2014

Last month, Kellogg Co. announced the opening of its new, North American Global Business Services center, part of a four-year restructuring program aimed at streamlining the company’s corporate functions.

As part of the plan, from autumn 2014 onwards, Kellogg’s will begin moving 300 to 600 members of staff across information technology, supply chain and human resources departments, into the Grand Rapids facility, set to reach maximum capacity by 2016.

By implementing end-to-end transactional and repeatable processes to support the business, Kellogg CEO John Bryant is anticipating “significant improvements in effectiveness, efficiency and collaboration, while creating new capabilities and enhanced organizational capacity” within the $14.8bn corporation.

Clearly, for a company such as Kellogg, which is the second largest producer of cookies, crackers and savory snacks in the world, making the transition to Global Business Services is sensible both financially and strategically. Companies managing GBS models are not only considered to be more profitable, but also significantly more responsive to market demands and changes – something which is necessary for Kellogg to secure if it wants to maintain its strong market foothold.

Yet despite the cereal manufacturer’s immense size, Global Business Services are entirely suitable for any company with a turnover of $1bn or more per annum and across a whole range of industries.

In January, we ran a webinar in conjunction with EXL which zeroed in on the 6 steps that such companies need to master in order to make a painless and elegant transition to Global Business Services. Basing our key findings on research we conducted throughout 2013, our webinar was created to provide a ‘How To’ guide to help companies on their journey, and we were surprised with the sheer number of businesses interested in making the transformation.

If you are from a company with a turn-over of $1bn or more per annum, and from Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Utilities, Media, Professional Services, Transportation and Logistics, Travel, Banking/Financial Services, this webinar will resonate with you and prove an excellent use of your time. 

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