Published: Dec 13, 2022

Nurturing People, Talent and Culture, Embracing Digital Transformation, Building Capabilities and Accelerating Performance


Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) shared services is rocketing towards the future. In their own Apollo Project, the team recently re-shored/insourced activities from their BPO of 11 years, and set up a second shared services centre in Bulgaria. They are focused on nurturing people, talent & culture, building capabilities and are moving towards an integrated shared services that goes beyond finance. Formed in a 3-way merger, CCEP has completed integration and is now undertaking a major digital transformation.

In this exciting session, Tamsin Hoborough will discuss:

  • What going beyond finance means at CCEP
  • CCEP’s e2e transformation and how it has prepared the business for future technology implementations 
  • How Ninjas and Robots have automated 100 activities and the impact of this on remote working
  • How the pandemic has broadened the talent pool, changed attitudes towards flexible working and brought employee wellbeing to the top of the agenda
  • Tactical and strategic programmes used to improve culture and engagement, as well as drive talent, including the development of an inhouse social media platform
  • How increased digitisation and focus on sustainability are at the heart of CCEP’s Covid recovery strategy
Tamsin Hoborough, Vice President, Finance Shared Services, COCA-COLA EUROPEAN PARTNERS
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