Shared Services Talent Becoming a Talent Incubator

Joost van Daelen, Director GBS Service Excellence and Maayke van Houdt, HR Director at AkzoNobel, have a focus to mature the GBS organisation after the transition of activities into the GBS Centers. The challenge for GBS at AkzoNobel is to up the level from transitioned services to delivering increased value. Maayke and Joost recognise that a successful GBS requires a wealth of talent with a wide cross section of skills to drive its success.


Shared Services Talent Nurturing People, Talent and Culture, Embracing Digital Transformation, Building Capabilities and Accelerating Performance

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) shared services is rocketing towards the future - focusing on nurturing people, talent & culture, building capabilities and are moving towards an integrated shared services that goes beyond finance. Formed in a 3-way merger, CCEP has completed integration and is now undertaking a major digital transformation.


Talent Virtual Workforce Leveraging a Virtual Workforce in Shared Services

It’s time to start to look more strategically about what this means for the workforce and how to leverage a more virtual workforce.


Global Business Services Benchmarking/KPIs Hackett’s Guide to Becoming a World-Class GBS

Find out what 10 characteristics are found in world-class GBS organisations by downloading this Hackett White Paper.


Talent Global Business Services Let Hackett Help You Win the GBS Digital Skills Challenge

One of the prerequisites for a successful modern GBS is the ability to hire, train and retain staff with the necessary skills to ensure you are evolving to meet new challenges and driving value back into the business.

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