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The Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle

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Jon Small
Head of Marketing, sharedserviceslink

Change is on the horizon for strategic sourcing and this white paper will give you a guide on what to expect and show you how to take advantage - and get ahead.

Written by leading strategic sourcing expert Dr Michael Lamoureux, The Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle gives you a comprehensive introduction to strategic sourcing and highlights the developments and techniques that are fundamentally changing the sourcing function for the world’s largest companies.

The Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle shows you:

  • How to identify, plan and execute an effective strategic sourcing project
  • The mistakes to avoid when creating your sourcing team
  • How to use decision optimization and 'what if' scenarios
  • How to implement Supplier Relationship Management throughout the sourcing lifecycle
  • The 4-phases of the sourcing process
  • The evolution of Stategic Sourcing

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