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O2C sharedserviceslink O2C HighRadius Launches Highako Academy to Train O2C Professionals in Business-Critical Skills

HighRadius has launched the world’s first microlearning and community platform for O2C and treasury teams - Highako Academy.


e-invoicing Accounts Receivable Tungsten Announces New Mystery Customer

Tungsten announced earlier this week it had a new contract with a “global human resources software leader”. The unidentified new customer is reported to be “one of the largest global automated payroll providers”, and this new partnership is set to boost Tungsten’s e-invoicing initiative in Europe and the US.


Accounts Receivable Clever Credit, Collections and Cash App with AI

Today A/R teams still look at AI as a ‘futuristic’ technology, even though they could leverage it right now and increase their productivity significantly.


Accounts Receivable HighRadius Named IDC MarketScape Leader

For the second year in a row, HighRadius has been named an IDC MarketScape Leader for Accounts Receivable Automation Software, thanks to its strengths in AI capability and future product strategy and innovation.


AR Accounts Receivable Benchmarking AR to Achieve Best-In-Class Status. Lessons from EmployBridge

Best-In-Class AR For 2021: Focused on delivering higher customer satisfaction across geographies despite disparate systems.


Accounts Receivable AR Martin Marietta Is Future-Proofing AR With Next-Gen Technology

View this webinar where Tammy Lindorf, Director of Shared Services at Martin Marietta talks about the evolution of shared services,


AR The Hackett Group Accounts Receivable Moves to the Top of the CFO Agenda

A healthy cash flow is a top priority for a lot of businesses at the moment and finance executives are turning their attention to their AR process to try to shorten the cash conversion cycle. Download this Hackett Group guide for top tips on how to transform and streamline your AR department.

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