Rethinking Intercompany for Superior Shared Services Delivery


Surprisingly, many CFOs and Finance Heads are unaware of the actual impact of intercompany beyond the financial reporting process. That’s because the sum of intercompany activity should be zero—and it rarely, if ever, is.

Making matters worse and as shared services leaders know, total intercompany dollar volume can be as much as 10 times actual revenue and is managed across multiple jurisdictions. So, the intercompany problem, risk, and opportunity are much larger than reconciling differences to zero. Reduced operational productivity, tax leakage, and diminished statutory tax positions are just a few of the costly challenges of intercompany.

Watch or download this webinar to learn from some of the most experienced intercompany professionals in the business, where they will explore intercompany as a catalyst for service efficiency and growth in your organization.

You'll learn:

  • A new approach we call “Intercompany Financial Management” that re-examines intercompany operations leveraging technology and business process change
  • Ways to improve intercompany operations across tax, finance, accounting, and global operations by streamlining and automating processes
  • Understanding of the broader impact of intercompany on your business profitability and signs to look out for

Download the presentation:

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