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O2C 15 Tips: What to Look for In Your Credit Management System

Given the volatility in today’s economic climate, Accounts Receivable teams will want to move away from manual credit management to a highly automated, machine learning-based platform to provide visibility, trustworthy profiles and scoring, and smart approval workflows. Now is the time to reduce exp

O2C 3 Reasons Order-to-Cash is Stuck in the Dark Ages

Here are 3 findings regarding what is keeping Order-to-Cash stuck, and how to find freedom and digital advancement.


O2C Smart Collections: The Uber Way

When managing business processes, most agree the ideal combination is Artificial Intelligence plus Human Intelligence.  The Collections Process is a perfect example. This article lists 5 ways Autonomous Software is helping transport and logistics giant Uber achieve a whopping transformation in its accounts receivables.


Tax The Danger of Indirect Tax as an Afterthought

What are 4 things that can go wrong when indirect tax is an afterthought, and not considered throughout your digital transformation?


O2C Death by a Thousand Paper Deductions: 21 Stats

When you think of non-trade deductions, you think of grunt work and heavy lifting. It’s not the fun part of Order to Cash. It’s a piece of O2C which is truly non-value adding. Writing off all your deductions (which would never happen) would cost companies millions a year. So, teams of five to 10 analysts are employed to investigate small to large amounts, often working on thousands of deductions at any given time. As long as the process is manual, the company is losing out because of the high cost of activity, the high write-off threshold, and the stall in working capital. This article looks at the numbers (some very alarming) related to manual deductions processing, and the more relaxing numbers achieved once you automate.


P2P Accounts Payable: 12 Thoughts on Going Green

Accounts Payable leaders have an opportunity to be very kind to the planet. With a difficult 18 months behind us, there has been talk about our legacy. Certainly, the most obvious theme to address on this score should be sustainability and going green. There is so much waste in Accounts Payable. Time, paper, money, energy. This document focuses on some eye-watering numbers illustrating a very clear cause-and-effect between AP activities and the cost to our planet.


Shared Services Remote Working: Legacy Shared Services Will Lose

Coming into 2020, we were living in a Winner Takes Most world. As for performance KPIs, companies who had grasped digital vs. companies that continued to wallow in a legacy infrastructure stood on opposite banks of an ever-increasing gulf. What have we learned 18 months on? Much comes to mind. Here, we reflect on 3 automation-related lessons.


VAT Make VAT Reclaim a Key Part of Your Cash Strategy: 4 Best Practices

Recoverable VAT amounts are significant, often adding up to the millions. They can be recovered quickly, helping companies reduce their cost base, improve profits and increase cash reserves


Shared Services Global Process Owners - Everything you Need to Know

A GPO is the owner of the process such that no change can be made to the process without his or her consent.


O2C The KPIs you Need in Accounts Receivable (AR) and Order-to-Cash (O2C)

There are two areas to focus on when assessing your benchmark – your processes and your people.


P2P The Ultimate Guide to e-Invoicing

A guide to better understand and implement e-invoicing


Shared Services 5 Key Considerations for Your Location and Work From Home Strategy

Covid-19 has changed the business landscape. While some disruptions are temporary, there will certainly be some permanent changes to business culture. It’s time to start planning strategically about your location and work-from-home strategy.


Shared Services Change Management Strategies for the Digital Era

One of the most common reasons transformations fail is that there isn’t enough focus on the human side of change and change management.


Shared Services The New Delivery Center

Jack Dorsey, head of Twitter, says the company’s staff can work from home “forever.” Such statements seemed almost incredible pre-2020.


Shared Services Covid-19’s Impact on Shared Services

How you fare in the next few weeks or months may well be testament to how organized, automated and streamlined your SSO has become in the past few years.


Shared Services Digital Transformation at GE Power

A Guide to Digital Transformation Guide for Shared Services


P2P 8 Ways to Align Procurement and AP

Procurement and AP don’t always see eye to eye, and this potential conflict can disrupt operations.


P2P How to Get to The Root Cause of Accounts Payables Pain Points… And Overcome Them

We conducted a research survey to help understand the current state of Accounts Payable (AP) and where the biggest opportunities for improvement are.


Shared Services 12 Reasons Why it’s Cool to Work in Shared Services

Struggling with recruitment because shared services has a grey reputation? Or seeing better quality candidates because you have finally convinced the world that shared services has purpose? Either way, read these 12 reasons why it’s cool to work in shared services.


Shared Services Change Management Tackling Change Management: Are You Ready For Resistance?

The degree of resistance to change naturally varies from business to business. However, a universal truth in change management is that you will face resistance.

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